Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A cold morning in Hyde Park

Saturday, Josh had to leave to go back to Germany because of Half - term. I really had only expected him to be able to stay until Tuesday morning, so the extra half of a week ( doubling his time in London!) was such a great time. I was really so, so pleased he got to stay so long. He didn't leave thankfully til Saturday afternoon, so in the morning we took the train over to Hyde Park. It had been such a sunny week in the UK - Josh actually lucked out a lot with the weather. So off we went to the Park,
which was full of people jogging, skating, and just out and about with their families. I was really excited because I hadn't taken any photos all week, and so we took some while we were in the park. We found a really beautiful tree which was somewhere between a plum blossom and a cherry blossom.
There was only one in the park, and it was all white and fluffy and lovely! After, we went to the Serpentine, and sat on a bench for a while and took some photos. But, it was pretty cold, and we headed home and had lunch at Nando's before I had to send him home via Heathrow!

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